Deadbolts Installation in Bushwick, NY

When it comes to home security and protection, you have options- but not all are created equal. As a homeowner it’s a terrifying thought to think that your locks might not be as safe as you’d anticipate them being. We’re professional locksmiths who offer deadbolts installation in Bushwick, NY, and we’d like to give you some guidance on how you can pick a safer deadbolt:

Deadbolts Installation

Resistance features

there are a barrage of ways a deadbolt’s protective efforts could be foiled by would-be burglars. Some of these methods include; saws, hammers, and drills. If any of those options sound scary to you, you should consider the effectiveness of your deadbolt. Some deadbolts come with features that are resistant to these attacks such as;

  • Beveled deadbolts can help protect your home from hammer wielding burglars.
  • Saw resistance features minimize the possibility of some unwelcomed visitor entering your domain through the use of a saw.
  • Anti-drill features protect your home in a similar way.

Throw length

a “throw” refers to the length of the actual deadbolt that goes into your doorframe. It’s optimal to choose the longest throw that your doorframe will allow for. The longer the throw, the less likely a thief will be able to enter your home through the means of prying the door frame from the door. For more information visit

ANSI grade

America National Standards Institute recognizes that not all deadbolts were created equal. In an effort to rate their effectiveness they have created a scale for which all locks are graded against. These standards were made in collaboration with The Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association (BHMA.) Locks that are designated as “grade 1” are the best, but again, not all locks that are grade 1 are created equally.

Additional safety features

While we have covered a range of features and options that you have for deadbolt installation in Bushwick, NY, there are still some additional features that set the “average deadbolt” apart from “the best deadbolt.”

  • Key control: key control is a feature that allows you to control who can make copies of your keys. While this doesn’t always prevent unwelcome visitors, it is required by law that locksmiths keep key duplication records on file in case of unauthorized duplication.
  • Double cylinder or “captured key” bolts: this feature forces you to use a key to unlock the door, even from the inside. This feature prevents thieves from simply breaking the glass next to your door in order to gain access to your home.
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