Residential Locksmith in Bushwick

When you are a residential property owner, there are a number of things that you need to be concerned with. Keeping your property secure should always be at the top of the list. There are many different type of lock and key issues that you can be dealing with in regards to your residential property. You might need to have your locks rekeyed and require emergency lockout services. No matter what type of lock and key problem you are facing, we are the residential locksmith in Bushwick that you can call on to resolve the problem in the shortest amount of time possible. The locksmith in Bushwick that offers the most peace of mind is only one call away.

Residential Locksmith in Bushwick

Do Your Residential Locks Need to be Rekeyed?

Lock re-key services are what you need access to as soon as you move into a new residential property. When you first move into a new property, you want to be sure that you are safe and secure. This can be achieved most effectively by having all the locks in your home rekeyed. You can never be sure that you were given all keys to your newly purchased property, which means that the locks need to be re-keyed to make sure that only you have access to your new home. Re-keying the locks can be a really affordable solution and allows you to save money instead of paying the high price of having all the locks within your home replaced. Lock re-keying is affordable and one of the most popular residential locksmith services that we provide to the area. Having your locks re-keyed is something that you can’t afford to fail to do.

24 Hour Solutions For All of Your Security Needs

We are a locksmith in Bushwick that doesn’t just provide residential locksmith services during typical business hours. We are one of the few professional locksmiths within the region that makes it a priority to always be accessible. You do not always have a lot of warning when a lock and key issue will arise, so we are the professionals that you can call on when you need expert services, All of our locksmiths on staff are highly skilled and professional to ensure that they can provide residential locksmith services that are up to the highest quality standards within the industry. This is something that you can expect each and every time we arrive.

5 Essential Residential Locksmith Services You Should Know About 

Residential locksmith services help homeowners secure their properties at any time. Aside from securing their belongings, high-quality locks also provide peace of mind. It shields them against the risk of theft. However, many still don’t realize the value of hiring professional locksmiths. Only after their security has been compromised that they will act and employ the right solution. Here at Broadway Locksmith and Automotive, we got your residential locksmith needs covered.

The following are the essential services that you can avail from us:

Lock installation 

Of all locksmith services, lock installation is the most essential. If your current locks got damaged or if you bought a new home, replacing the locks will add better security. Homeowners also prefer new lock installation if they are switching to a new mechanism.

If you’re not sure what locks you have at home, call us at Broadway Locksmith and Automotive and we will assess it for you. Our residential locksmith services are also available should you need new locks right away.

Lock repair and maintenance 

For locks that have been damaged slightly or have been bumped or snapped, repairs can be done to restore your security. Even if your locks don’t show signs of wear and tear, you still need to have it checked once in a while. Old locks will sustain accumulated damage over time, which will compromise its efficiency.

For lock repairs, you should only hire licensed and professional locksmiths. This is to ensure the quality of work and to have peace of mind that your property is in good hands.

Lock rekeying 

Rekeying is the process of adding pins and tumblers on your current locks to change its mechanism.  This is done so the old keys won’t work on it anymore.

If you own apartment units or dwellings, rekeying is the ideal service once a tenant moves out. It saves you from the expense of replacing your locks and buying new ones repeatedly. Aside from keeping your property safe, rekeying also allows locksmiths to fix any problem on your lock.

Key duplication

Lost, stolen, or broken keys might seem like a small issue, but it can actually impact your daily routines. If you can’t access a specific area of your home, you’ll have to call a locksmith to fix it for you. They will provide a duplicate or replacement key so you can resume your chores.

However, if your keys got stolen, it’s best to have your locks rekeyed for added security.

Lock system upgrade

Lock technologies are changing over the years. Nowadays, there are high-security versions that offer the best protection for all properties. If you’re planning to upgrade, professional locksmiths like Broadway Locksmith and Automotive are the one to call. Our residential locksmith services include a myriad of solutions, including the latest lock technologies in the industry. We can install it for you to improve the security of your home.