Car Key Replacement

Have you ever lost or misplaced your car keys? It is no secret that keys are the most frequently lost or misplaced item. It is a tad debatable if people lose car keys more often than their house keys. But what can be said for certain is that losing or misplacing car keys is never a pleasant experience. Spending a bit of time on a certain morning to locate the car keys can be frustrating enough. Imagine how frustrating it can be when you are on the road or at some site and you cannot get into your car. The only solution at such a crucial juncture is to hire a locksmith for car key replacement.

We specialize in car key replacement

We are a certified locksmith based in New York City. We are strategically located and available 24/7 so whenever you need our services, one of our certified locksmiths would be at your location in fifteen minutes or less. We have the infrastructural support and the expertise to replace car key right on the spot, in no time and we don’t need to make to and fro trips.

It doesn’t matter what car you have, which brand and what model. We have experience in dealing with all cars that ply on the streets of New York City. We cut and program lost car keys and we can do this even if we don’t have any reference provided by you. It is possible that you may want to replace car key to upgrade it, you may have a spare key at home for reference and thus we can get some help from that set or you may not have any keys and any reference to the original one. We can still cut and program your lost or misplaced car keys.

Contemporary car keys are not as simple as those made before 1995, which only needed to be cut into proper shape to work. Car keys today have transponder chips. Hence, a key needs to be configured structurally and it has to be programmed to match the signal of the engine control unit so the immobilizer is deactivated or disarmed. We have experience in programming transponder keys for all cars of all brands.

Prompt Response

Our prompt response to replace car key and our consistent delivery of the promised solution has made us the most trusted and reliant car key replacement locksmith in the city.

Car Key Replacement